Part of core team from Postano acquisition

Reimagined command center product in this new enterprise setting. Managed a global team of service designers that helped deliver best in class experiences for Fortune 500 companies

After Sprinklr acquired the core design and engineering team from Postano, we had to reimagine our product in this new enterprise setting. Our main goal was for this product to provide exceptional value to customers and fit within Sprinklr’s ecosystem seamlessly. We immediately went out and interviewed Sprinklr’s definition partners.

After interviews we went back and wrote robust user stories. We went straight to work paper-prototyping a low fidelity solution to test our UX design. After we had a solid foundation we tested designs with definitions partners we originally interviewed. This process allowed us to gather user feedback in real time and quickly ideate on solutions.

One of the main challenges was designing an easy customer experience so users could set up command center displays using any combination of physical screen setups. On top of that, allowing customers to craft their own experiences within the physical spaces. 

What we came up with was an elegant solution that satisfied different customer needs. Users could build their story using different data sources, different data visualizations and timing elements that could be controlled using their phone as a remote. 

After the successful launch of the product I hired and managed a team of 5 designers. We worked with national brands to build custom command centers. This allowed us to take the visuals and the data storytelling to the next level, while quickly incorporating customer feedback into the product. Top brands around the world starting using Sprinklr command centers as centerpieces at company headquarters, during live events and in retail settings to engage with customers.

Oprah Winfrey looking in awe at the Direct TV command center (This is the pinnacle of my career in the eye's of my wife)

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