I'm C.K.

👋 Glad you stopped by to check me out. This site is probably outdated because I'm currently building great products at Olo and trying to herd cats.

Leadership at Oportun

Hired as the sole designer and built the team from ground up

Goal - shepherd a design thinking mentality to a large financial institution while building the design foundation to scale

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Secured Personal Loan

Launching new product to market quickly

Member of small core team tasked with investing minimal resources until we proved product market fit. With a plan to iterate quickly as we learned.

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Native App

Launch in 6 months - where previous attempts had failed

Led core team, created roadmap and garnered executive buy in for MVP

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Entire funnel redesign

Unified the entire customer experience with redesign of website and product originations

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Part of core team from Postano acquisition

Reimagined command center product in this new enterprise setting. Managed a global team of service designers that helped deliver best in class experiences for Fortune 500 companies

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Built SaaS software at lightning speed

Products we built, helped companies engage with customers through multiple channels, drive brand awareness and visualize social data.

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Worked with multiple stakeholders throughout development

Made sure client services had a product and delivery process that ensured a delightful customer experience that drove engagement.

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