Built SaaS software at lightning speed

Products we built, helped companies engage with customers through multiple channels, drive brand awareness and visualize social data.

Postano built SaaS software that allowed users to interact with social content and amplify the voice of the customer. The products we built allowed users to transform that content into immersive brand experiences through stunning, large-scale digital displays and online. I worked on the platform in every capacity. 

Postano’s display product was a real-time, visual marketing platform that allowed users to find and curate the best social fan content. The real magic happened when curated content was taken to the next level and displayed on large format digital experiences. 

Postano’s web embed functioned in a very similar way. Instead of content living on screens in real time our users were able to design a web page that was on brand and showcased the best fan content around the world. Users would come into our software; choose their layout, add fonts, change color and much more. A simple embed code is all that was needed to power the interactive webpage. 

The Command Center was Postano’s next-generation product for wall-to-wall displays that empowered companies with a holistic view of brand, campaign, and social data to deliver advanced insights into consumer trends, sentiment and behaviors. The tool is extremely flexible – allowing brands to add in or remove data sources as needed. A user's cell phone acted as a remote to cycle through different data sets.  

Sprinklr acquired Postano in 2016 - core design and engineering team were part of the acquisition.

Some highlights along the way

Twitter Cannes display
Democratic National debate data visualization

Other projects: 

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